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Camlock Coupling

Camlock Coupling
Camlock Coupling
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Product no: SHK004

Application of Alum Camlock Coupling:

Fittings and connections for gas, liquid and air, such as:

  • Quick connector water hose
  • Water hose quick connector
  • air quick connector
  • Pneumatic quick connector
  • Oil pressure hose connector
  • Metal hose fittings
  • High pressure hose connector
  • hose connector
  • Air line connector
  • Hose quick connector
  • Aluminum Camlock Fittings

Type A - Usually used with D-type quick connectors

Type B - Usually used with F-type quick connectors

Type C - Usually used with Type E adapter

Type D - Typically used with Type A adapters

Type E - Typically used with Type C couplers

Type F - Typically used with Type B couplers

Type DC - DC dust caps are used to seal the ends of the connections

Type DP - DP dust plugs are used to seal the ends of connections