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The 3M™ Scott™ Flite COV is an open circuit, positive pressure airline breathing apparatus comprising bandolier harness, positive pressure airline apparatus consisting of automatic positive pressure demand valve, supply hose and coupling for airline supply hose. The Flite COV is fitted with a coupling which attaches to the automatic Change Over Valve (COV) and allows the connection of an independent air supply with a duration of 10 to 15 minutes, dependent on cylinder size. The apparatus can be used with the full range of EN approved 3M™ Scott™ Safety positive pressure facemasks even when used as an escape only apparatus.

Applications The 3M™ Scott™ Flite COV is specifically designed as an airline working set and with its optional hip mounted cylinder as an airline escape set. It has many applications but is particularly suited to confined space entry and the oil and gas industry. It is also suitable for providing respiratory protection in any IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) environment.


The airline coupling is a male CEN type and is mounted on a pigtail assembly. It also incorporates a non-return

valve so air from the attached cylinder cannot escape when the apparatus is detached from the airline supply.

Optional Foster/Hansen mil spec and Hansen HK type fittings are available.

The escape cylinder utilises a locking hand wheel to remain in the open position and eliminate inadvertent

shutting. If airline delivery pressure is reduced by an interruption of the main supply the automatic changeover

valve switches the unit to cylinder air for safe egress. When there is a switch-over to cylinder air the

user is alerted via activation of a whistle. 

Maintenance/cleaning/servicing Cleaning should only be carried out as specified in the user instructions. Maintenance and servicing must only be performed by trained personnel following the procedures in the service and maintenance manual.


CE marked in accordance with EN 14593-1:2005

CE marked in accordance with EN 402:2003 when fitted with an escape cylinder